Proper Hydration: It’s not just for summer time

Football is in full swing, the weather is breaking, and Halloween is upon us.  Winter is coming and we can’t escape it.  With cold and flu season beginning to surface proper hydration is more important than ever.

Hydration on the field

Football has been practicing for almost 3 months now.  Week to week the players drink less and less a practice.  On the outside this might seem like a no brainer, they are sweating less so they need less water.  This is not always the case.  The body still needs to support activity and maintain temperature.  Players often seem sluggish both physically and mentally this time of year.  I have wondered for years, is it the fatigue of the season wearing on them or a lack of preparation off the field?  I can’t say for certain all I can do is hammer home the importance of recovery and hydration.

Hydration in life

Keep in mind that hydration during exercise is only a tiny piece of the puzzle.  Just like you cant drive your car all week on empty and expect to make it to the race on Sunday, you cant be dehydrated all day and expect to make it up at the gym or practice.  A habit of sipping water all day ensures that you will maintain hydration and be ready to go when it counts.

Benefits of Proper Hydration:

Maintain performance

Improved focus and concentration

Improved blood flow

Improved joint function

Reduced/maintain blood pressure

Maintain/control weight

Proper hydration is not the end all be all of life performance but is a tool that needs to be used daily for success in sport and work.  Sip on.

For more info on hydration check these out:


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