Lifting form or form for life?

The other day one of our athletes was stretching while I was setting up for practice.

He said,  “Coach you picked up that ice chest with perfect form.”

I responded by saying, “Of course there is a reason why you are taught to lift with certain form.  It is the safest and most efficient way to do things.”

Form outside the gym

Basic barbell lifting mimics the way we move through every day life.  Think about it, how many times a day do you stand up and sit back down in your desk chair at work.  Don’t have a desk job, then how many times are you bending over and picking up thing from the floor to chest level.  Both of these are fundamental movement patterns being practiced in gyms everywhere.

Take these two pictures:

This is proper start position of the deadlift:

Deadlift start

This is the start of picking up boxes from the floor:

Box lift

Notice that other than hip depth, my back and shoulders are in the same position.

Next time you are about to pick something up, take a seat, or reach for the top shelf remember the positioning you have performed while lifting weights.  I can guarantee that simple adjustments throughout your day will leave you feeling better.  Move well, move often and love life.


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